12 For 12 with Gerry Davis: An Umpire Podcast

New for the 2019 baseball season, 12 For 12 with Gerry Davis is a podcast for umpires, hosted by the umpire who has worked the most playoff games in Major League Baseball history. New episodes are released every Thursday. 

Episode 4: An Inside Look at a Crew Pre-Game and Working Together Gerry discusses how umpire crews are put together before the baseball season, as well as what is involved in a typical MLB pregame and the plate meeting. He also talks about getting feedback from crew members and addresses whether an umpire, if asked, should give feedback to a senior umpire. 

Episode 3: We're Human - When a Call Gets Overturned by Replay Gerry talks about what his mental process is after he gets a call overturned by replay, or when he may have missed a pitch. Gerry also talks about umpiring in the World Series, dealing with pressure, and his game day routine.

Episode 2: Spring Training and Earning a Spot in the Big Leagues Gerry Davis discusses how a spring training schedule works, how spring training crews are put together, what it's like to work with minor league umpires trying to earn a spot onto an MLB crew, and what he looks for when mentoring umpires.

Episode 1: Meet MLB Crew Chief Gerry Davis Gerry Davis sits down to discuss the start of his record 38th consecutive year of service, his experience in umpire school, the minor leagues, and his call to the big leagues.