Umpire Pants Buying Guide

Not sure which umpire pants you need? No problem - We're here to help!

What color pants do I need? Typically baseball umpires will wear Charcoal, and softball umpires will wear Heather Gray (or sometimes Navy) - but this is not universal. We recommend contacting another umpire that you will be working with or your local league/association to make sure you are ordering the correct color. If there is one specific pair of pants mandated by your association, they will be able to give you that information as well. 

Do I need Plate, Base, or Combo pants? Plate pants are cut the widest in order to allow any pair of shin guards to be worn underneath the pants - but you will not want to wear plate pants while working the bases, as they will look too "baggy." Base pants are the narrowest cut, and will not allow you to wear shin guards underneath. Combo pants are the cut between the Plate and Base cut, and they will allow for most shin guards to be worn underneath - but not all. You may want combo pants if you only want to purchase one pair to be worn on both the bases and behind the plate, or if you prefer a wider cut while working the bases.

What material do I need? Once you know the color and cut of the pants you need, then you can pick out the pair you need. The main difference between the different we pants offer is the material:

Polyester Pants: The Davis Charcoal and Davis Heather Gray Umpire Pants are 100% polyester. These pants have been our most popular product for over 20 years. If someone told you to 'get the Gerry Davis pants,' they were probably referring to these. We also offer the Smitty Heather Gray Flat Front Combo Pants and the Smitty Navy Flat Front Combo Pants by Special Order.

Poly-Spandex Pants: The MLB Pro Style Pants and Smitty Poly-Spandex Pants are both a polyester-spandex blend. The spandex is what gives both of these pants the "stretchy" feeling, and this is the "coolest" material to wear during ultra-hot games. These pants are available in Charcoal only. We also offer the Smitty Heather Gray Flat Front Women's Poly-Spandex Umpire Combo Pants by Special Order.

Poly-Wool Pants: The Davis by Fechheimer Poly-Wool Pants are a polyester-wool blend. This is a bit warmer material than the other pants above, but can still be worn in the summertime. These pants are available in Charcoal only. 

What size do I need? We recommend ordering true to size on most of our pants. Some umpires have chosen to order a size up in the MLB Pro Style Pants and the Davis by Fechheimer Poly-Wool Pants. 

If you are still unsure of which pants you need, please feel free to contact our customer service at or 1-800-916-9088.