DaviShins Umpire Leg Guards

  • DaviShins Umpire Leg Guards
  • DaviShins Umpire Leg Guards
  • DaviShins Umpire Leg Guards
Davisshin guards are the bomb
Jun 7, 2019
Have had them for several years now - very comfortable, easy to clean and look great under plate plates - would recommend to everyone - looking at a repurchase soon
So light you forget you have them on.
Jun 5, 2019
Theses shinpads are so light that you forget you even have them on. The toe plate is Velcro and removable and I removed mine so they fit just over my plate shoes and offer protection above the knee, The pads have two straps that don’t cut off the circulation behind your knee joint. The only thing keeping this from being a five star review is that the pads often turn or move to the outside when running, but can be quickly pushed back into place. I also like when I squat that I can put my hands/fingers behind the outside padding that you can feel through your ?? pants. It’s a great pad for protection too! I have never felt any foul or passed balls through these my Davis Shins!
The best shin guards
Jun 4, 2019
My first pair lasted 13 years (I probably could have squeezed another year or two out of them if I wanted to. . .). I just received my new pair and they're just as fantastic as ever! I highly recommend these.
Davis Shin guards
By: David MABE
Jun 4, 2019
Attention umpires at any level .....Iam a D1 D2 umpire with 30 yrs experience ok just bought these shin guards this season and they are awesome . The lightest and best I’ve ever wear . The rap around technology is the best ever . Allows you to set up behind the catcher without a worry . Buy now. .ok
Shin guards
Jun 4, 2019
I have had these shin guards for two years and they are the most comfortable shin guards I have ever owned. The straps are situated in the correct area of the leg. Jerry Davis products are quality and priced reasonably. Thanks for a great umpire gear Jerry.
Great value for reasonable price!
Jun 4, 2019
This is my second pair of Davis shinguards. These are very comfortable to wear and do not make you hot at all. Great protection for knee, shins, and ankles. Only two straps keeps them perfectly fitted. These not only look great but feel great.
Best shin guards
Jun 4, 2019
I’ve found the Davis shin guards are the best fitting for the long days on the ball field. The price is very reasonable ????
Davis Shin Guards
Apr 5, 2019
This is my second set set of Davis Shin guards that I have purchased The first set I got about 8 years of use out of them before the padding inside deteriated to the point where the protection of being struck by a ball was felt so I got another set. The advantage of these shin guards is that the top knee cap protection is floating and not strapped around your knee with a buckle so wearing these they are very comfortable as well as not having the extra strap at the top of the shin guards which will then not be rubbing against your skin at your knee area especially on hot days where you choose to wear no full length umdergarment tights. I use these at the collegiate level and below.
Davishins umpire leg guards
Apr 2, 2019
I like them, easy to secure with only two straps. nice padding. easy to clean. Only drawback is they may slide slightly sideways but I haven't tried to tighten the straps. I see no need to pay for the more expensive shin guards.
Sturdy and comfortable
By: Cesar Garcia
Apr 1, 2019
These leg guards are so easy to put on with just a couple of straps. Just remember to tight them up well so they don't rotate to the sides.
  • Manufactured by Wilson
  • Hinge-style flexibility allows the guards to wrap around your leg
  • No-gap kneecap protection without the strap that rubs behind your knee – Your pants will keep the kneecap in place!
  • Removable toe cap and ankle guards
  • Worn on-field by Gerry Davis
  • Available in 15" length or 17.5" length; To determine the size you need, measure the distance between the middle of your knee-cap and the top of your plate shoe.

Not sure if these are the shin guards for you? See our Shin Guards Buying Guide for help. 

Product Code: B17PR126575

Price: $99.90