All-Star Magnesium Umpire Mask | Silver

  • All-Star Magnesium Umpire Mask | Silver
  • All-Star Magnesium Umpire Mask | Silver
  • All-Star Magnesium Umpire Mask | Silver
Magnesium Mask by Allstar Sports
Mar 17, 2019
Mask is very light and comfortable to wear. Gives you a great view of the field in front of you. Have taken a couple of minor shots off of it and it has done well so far. Compares somewhat to the Force 3 defender but is much lighter. Have to see how it holds up over time. So far we will stick with the 5 stars.
  • Ultra-lightweight magnesium frame weighs only 17.3 ounces
  • Unique angular contours & integrated ear and throat extensions for additional protection
  • Magnesium offers high vibration dampening properties upon impact
  • Additional vertical magnesium bars extend throughout the middle and topmost section of the mask
  • Moisture-wicking LUC pads; The bottom LUC pad is extended for advanced protection from both force and frame shifting upon impact - the largest size of all umpire mask pads on the market! The pads also feature an additional thin layer of ABS plastic.
  • Flattened bars around sight openings to provide ideal view
  • Includes All-Star mask harness
  • Easy care: Machine wash pads and harness in cold water; Air dry
  • Carry bag included
Product Code: B17PR2510MAG009

Price: $224.99