Schutt XV HDX Umpire Chest Protector

  • Schutt XV HDX Umpire Chest Protector
  • Schutt XV HDX Umpire Chest Protector
  • Schutt XV HDX Umpire Chest Protector
  • Redesigned 4-way harness with triangular neoprene center fits snug and allows adjustments between a wide range of body types
  • Shoulder caps are adjustable for optional coverage
  • Bicep protectors are adjustable and easily secured (or removable) with Velcro
  • Plastic clips buckle on the side instead of the front for a cleaner appearance that won't damage your shirt
  • 10mm ventilation holes maximize air circulation and the evaporation of excess moisture
  • Greater impact absorption and durability: Utilizing impact absorption technology from their most popular line of football shoulder pads, the XV-HDX chest protector is made of high density EVA foam for greater impact absorption and durability
  • Moisture and heat management system allows airflow into and away from the body, allowing the skin to dry and the body to cool itself
  • Features caps to cover exposed gaps in the shoulder area and a wider chest plate
  • Form fitting
  • Removable 4" abdomen extension - Chest protector measures 13" without extension or 17" with extension (Extension is secured or removed with Velcro)
  • Weighs about 3 lbs
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