Con-CUSHION Mask Enhancer

  • Con-CUSHION Mask Enhancer
  • Con-CUSHION Mask Enhancer
  • Con-CUSHION Mask Enhancer
Love this !
By: Kirk Knollman
Jun 5, 2019
Really like how easy to install, small and protective this is. Highly recommended !

Introducing the Con-CUSHION Mask Enhancer - a new product designed to be attached to your umpire or catcher's mask to reduce the risk of concussions and head trauma!


  • Tested to show a reduction of up to 70% in Head Injury Criteria (HIC) up to 85 MPH. The Head Injury Criterion (HIC) is a measurement of the likelihood of an injury arising from impact.
  • Lightweight design (4 oz.) makes the Con-CUSHION virtually unnoticeable on your head
  • Works with any traditional umpire mask, but not with hockey-style 'bucket' masks
  • Worn by Gerry Davis
  • Available in blue or black
  • Achieves peak performance for one full season, or 50 games - whichever comes first
  • Easy to install:
    1. Position the Con-CUSHION Mask Enhancer on top of the upper cushioned head-piece of your mask. Note the open spaces (2nd opening, top and bottom, right and left) where you will slip the Velcro straps - Soft "fuzzy" size up, facing you.
    2. Wrap the two straps over the front bars of the mask. Press to stick the Velcro together. 

    Please Note: No product can completely eliminate the risk of concussions or head trauma. There is no conclusive data that Con-CUSHION Mask Enhancer prevents concussions. The design is intended to reduce the intensity of the impact force to the head and brain. For optimum performance, the Con-CUSHION should be replaced every season - or after 50 games - whichever comes first.

    Product Code: B51AC01

    Price: $39.90