Team Wendy Umpire Mask Pads

  • Team Wendy Umpire Mask Pads

Team Wendy Mask Pads are the first commercially available umpire facemask pad sets designed utilizing Zorbium® foam, a material engineered by Team Wendy chemists specifically for energy absorption. Designed with the same expertise used to develop the U.S. military’s preferred helmet pads, and tested at the highest levels of the sport, Team Wendy Mask Pads set a new standard for facemask protection.

  • Manages impact up to 40% more effectively than other commercially available umpire face mask pads
  • Lowers peak acceleration forces up to 30% better than similar products
  • Made with antimicrobial, moisture wicking fabric to promote comfort and hygiene
  • Fits most standard masks
  • Made with Team Wendy's energy-absorbing Zorbium foam
  • Machine washable and quick drying
  • Made in the USA
Product Code: B51AC4260

Price: $39.95